Scholarship Application Form

The new applicants can apply for scholarship. Please download the form and submit it at

Scholarship Application Form <Download here> <Annexures with application form>

Scholarship Updates (2018-19)

Swami Dayanand Education Foundation (India)

A-74, Ground Floor, Sector-2, Noida-201301 (UP) India

Tel: +91-120-4146823

WhatsApp Number: 8448770654


List of supporting documents to be uploaded with the form:

  1. 10th, 12th & latest marksheets (semester/term wise)

  2. Proof of Semester/annual fees paid by the students

  3. Income Certificate issued by competent authority

  4. Ration Card or ID Proof's of Parent's

  5. Two Photographs (1 attested Photo)

  6. Vande Mataram Video

  7. Income Verification Form

  8. Occupation Related Form

  9. Monthly Expenditures Proof

  10. Residence Proof

  11. Bank Statement of last 6 month

  12. Education Loan Proof

  13. Rent Agreement

  14. Last 3 Month Salary Slip/ Certificate from Employer/ Form 16

  15. School Fees Receipt

  16. College ID Card Copy

  17. Proof of Agriculture Land

  18. Business Shop Pictures

  19. Copy of Last Financial Year IT Return

  20. House Pictures Inside/Outside

  21. Admission Letter

  22. Bonafide Certificate

  23. Rank Card/Letter from Entrance Examination

  24. Essay in Candidate's own handwriting

  25. One Full Family Photograph

  26. Recommendation Letter

  27. Neighbour's Contact No.

  28. Bank Details in the ECS form

Please give your true and complete information on Income Verification Form and enclose the supporting documents. Any false information found in the form will reject your candidature for scholarship..

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it mandatory to submit video on Vande Mataram


  • Audio or video file?

  • Video

  • Is it necessary to sing Vande Mataram?

  • You need to send video reciting full Vande Mataram. Please do NOT post any videos downloaded from internet.

  • How to send the file?

  • Please upload your file at the above link with your name and college

  • What is last date to send the video and Income Verification Form?

  • 25 Oct 2018

  • Can I send income certificate in place of income verification form

  • No. U need to submit income verification form and enclose the income certificate and other supporting documents with the form.

  • Can I send the video on WhatsApp?

  • No, it is difficult to get the documents on WhatsApp

  • I am living in hostel, how to get the Income verification Form signed by parents

  • Please give contact number of parents in the income verification form

  • Can I give submit income certificate instead of Income Verification Form

  • Filling Income Verification Form is mandatory. You need to enclose the supporting documents along with income certificate with the form and send it to

  • How to send Income verification form?

  • Upload it alongwith video at the link provided on website.

  • If you have not received any email from the Foundation

  • Please send your email query at

  • Am I selected for Scholarship?

  • The foundation will decide the top 200 students after receipt of Income verification form and video on Vande Mataram.

  • What supporting documents need to be submit with Income verification form?

  • Residence proof, income related proofs, occupation, expenses, bank statement-earning member, house pictures (inside/outside), agricultural land certificate in case of farmer etc.

  • We request students to enclose as many as documents they can provide for verification. They can mention in the form if any document is not available

  • What if the rent is paid in cash to landlord?

  • You can just mention the amount of rent in the form

  • Proof for labor work

  • The student can provide contact number of employer if the occupation is labor work.

  • If I am selected for scholarship?

  • The selection will be based on receipt of verification documents.

  • What if I don’t know my application number?

  • You can leave the column blank if you do not remember it. Please do provide your college name.

  • What is file size limit for uploading?

  • Please make that the file size do not exceed 25 MB.

  • If I am selected for scholarship

    The results will be displayed in November on our website and Facebook page

  • Is it necessary to get the form signed by parents

  • Yes'

  • Do I need to verify the application from Institute.

  • No. The students selected for the scholarship will give their complete printed application to the Foundation alongwith College Bank details for disbursement.

  • What means beneficiary in the form

  • You/your parents

  • Do I need to post the Income Verification and other documents

  • You can send your application by email or the dropbox link given on website. If you are posting your documents, please inform the foundation by email.

  • If father is farm laborer and do not own agricultural land?

  • Give the contact number and address of the employer/owner.

  • If the land documents are in the name of grandfather

  • Yes. you can submit it.

  • My father works on small shop and they do not provide salary slip.

  • Enclose copy of bank statement of atleast 6 months as proof of income.

  • Is ITR accepted as proof of income

  • Yes

  • What if I do not have facebook account

  • The foundation post all the scholarship updates on Facebook page.

  • Can I send the video and documents by email?

  • Yes. But videos files increases the email size so we have created a separate link for uploading.

  • How to get Income verification form and other details

  • We are posting all the queries & information on this page.

  • Can I use app for uploading videos

  • Yes, but it should be uploaded at the link provided by the foundation

  • Please let me know if I am selected for scholarship as I want to apply for other scholarships

  • You can apply for other scholarships until you get selected by the foundation.

  • What is the criteria for renewal this year?

  • The foundation is renewing the applications only if they have improved their scores than last year. These candidates will also send the income verification and video.

  • Can I recite in telugu?

  • No.

  • I have not received any reply for submitting income verification form

  • The foundation is reviewing the form and will email you if you are missing any document.

Program Overview

There are many students who are not able to pursue to higher studies due to financial constraints despite of having the ability and talent. Our aim is to inspire and transform the lives of brilliant and economically backward students. Educating youth has an impact not only on the individual, but the family, the community and the country as a whole. 


There are 200* scholarships offered in the following categories:

  1. Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Scholarships - Rs. 50,000 per annum (10 Nos.)

  2. Sh. Anand Swarup Garg Scholarships - Rs.25,000 per annum (25 Nos.)

  3. Sh. Ram Lal Gupta Scholarships - Rs.20,000 per annum (40 Nos.)

  4. Smt. Sheela Gupta Scholarships - Rs.20,000 per annum (40 Nos.)

  5. Smt. Lilawanti Himatlal Desai Scholarships – Rs. 20,000 (1 No.)

  6. Smt. Indira Jayendrakumar Shah – Rs. 20,000 (1 No.)

  7. Smt. Shanti Devi Scholarships - Rs.17,500 per annum (35 Nos.)

  8. Sh. Ram Ji Lal Scholarships - Rs.15,000 per annum (40 Nos.)


The Foundation accepts scholarship application form from select private institutes only.

Please check here to know the name of your Institutes



(1) Candidate should be studying in the Govt. College and selected private colleges* for which they have taken admission by passing Competitive Examination conducted by Central/State Boards. (A proof of rank will be submitted for applying scholarships).

(2) Gross annual income of family of the candidate from all sources should not be more than Rs. 6.00 lakhs per annum. Students having lowest family income shall be given preference in the ascending order.Income certificate should be got issued from appropriate civil authorities of the State/UTs/Central Governments whose details have been specified under the head ‘Submission of Documents by Applicants’. Any Affidavit submitted as Income Proof shall not be accepted. 

(3) Candidate must have secured 85% marks in 12th class. 

(4) Grade Point Average should be atleast 7.5 in 10 points scale system. 

(5) The candidates should not be availing or intend to avail any other financial assistance/scholarship from any other source. However, in case of student of getting fee waiver/reimbursement of tuition fees are eligible for applying for the scholarships. 


Family Income

(a) The gross family income criteria is Rs. 6,00,000 per annum. Gross income refers to the income before deductions for taxes or other purposes. 

(b) In addition to gross family income, the education and occupation of parents as well as family members including elder brother(s) and sister(s), the family's living conditions and the total expenses being incurred by the family on the applicant's education will be taken into consideration for determining the financial eligibility of an applicant. 

(c) Applicants who are the first graduates of the family will be preferred over applicants who are the second or third child of the family taking up graduation. 

(d) Where parents of applicants are employees, may submit Form 16 or ITR return as proof of income. 

(e) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are retirees/pensioners, a pension statement from the pension authority and/or from an authorized bank showing the gross monthly pension of the family member, inclusive of any supplementary allowances and before any deductions is required. Pensioners should also provide documents to show the official status or designation, gross salary drawn at the time of retirement and the name of the employing organization. If the parent/guardian has recently retired under a voluntary retirement scheme, reasons for retirement, and amount of lump sum benefits received on retirement should be disclosed. 

(f) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are agriculturists or have farming or cultivation as their source of income, an income certificate from a recognized or competent authority should be submitted. Details of the nature and size of the land holding, crops grown, etc. wet or dry land irrigation should also be provided. 

(g) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are in business or self-employed, income certificate issued by any government authority or the income tax return should be submitted in support of the gross family income specified in the application. Specific details of the nature and size of the business or self-employment should also be provided.


Submission of Documents

Supporting documents: 
1) Income certificate.
2) Copy of 10th, 12th Marksheets. 
3) Copy of Rank card of entrance examination
4) Copy of Fee Receipt submitted by the student or Admission letter, in case of student who have taken admission this year.
5) Two recent passport size photograph taken in last six months. 
6) Certificate of family income / BPL certificate / Certificate from local panchayat office for proof of annual family income / ITR
7) Copy of ration card or ID proofs of parents
8) Address proof/AADHAR ID

The COMPLETE application form should be sent to the following address: 

Scholarship Officer
Swami Dayanand Charitable Education Foundation
K-33 (GF), Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019

You can text your queries on

WhatsApp Number: 8448770654

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Selection of Scholar will be on the basis of merit and family background such as percentage of marks obtained in the course and annual income of the family. Eligible Students having the lowest income shall be given preference in the ascending order.

  • Decision of the Foundation with regard to selection will be final. No correspondence on the selection process will be entertained.

  • Selection of candidates will be made on the basis of merit. The Foundation has discretion to alter or discontinue the scholarship without any notice.

  • The eligible students will be intimated through email or at the address mentioned in the form.

  • The award of the scholarship shall not confer any right of employment with any company.

  • The scholarship will be paid in two instalments.

  • The foundation reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship awarded to any eligible candidate and seek repayment of any monies already paid, through all legal means, if such eligible candidate (a) is found to have misled the foundation, about any aspect of his/her eligibility (b) if it is found that there is any discrepancy or misrepresentation in any of the documentation/information provided by such eligible candidate.

  • The foundation in its sole discretion may change the terms and conditions, selection criteria, selection process and/or withdraw or increase or decrease the scholarship amount at any time without giving any prior notice.

For any further queries, please email us at