Panchtantra - II

Panchtantra - II


Paperback: 16 pages

Publisher: Wilco Publishing House

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-8182525139

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Since the time when we were children, we are told stories that we thereafter pass on to our own children and they, in turn, to their children and so on. 'Panchatantra' means five principles'. These moral stories, based on older oral traditions, including "Animal fables that are as old as we are able to imagine", will not only entertain you, but also teach you lessons for life that will help you deal with life's practical problems. The Panchatantra Series, an addition to our similar series on Ancient Tales of Wit & Wisdom, Hitopedesha and Jataka Tales, consists of some of those age-old stories that will still captivate you. Each story will surprise you on how a short story carries an important message, making a bigger impact on our day to day life. This title is book - 2 in the Panchatantra Series.