Swami Dayanand Education Foundation
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Our Mission:

Provide Scholarships to economically backward students in India & promote Indian History & Heritage in USA.

The foundation has awarded more than 250 scholarship worth $78,800 in the past two years. We have also organised competitions for children in USA on "Indian History & Heritage" to create awareness about Indian culture.

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Our Mission

The Foundation (SDEF) provides Merit-cum-Means Scholarships to exceptionally talented but poor students in India pursuing professional courses. We fund the most talented students and help them pursue the best education in India. 

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Our Impact

The foundation has provided 116 Scholarships in 2016 and about 155 Scholarships in 2017. This year the foundation intends to provide 120 Scholarship to the deserving students in India. Your contribution can gift a smile to any student who needs immediate financial assistance in getting higher education.



scholarship amount

The foundation has spent over $78,800 to provide scholarships to the deserving students in India.



scholarships awarded

The foundation has provided more than 260 scholarship in two years.




The Foundation has awarded Scholarships to more than 50 institutes in India including all the Govt & Pvt. Institutes providing professional courses.


Scholarship Program

Swami Dayanand Education Foundation provides Merit-cum-Means Scholarships to students pursuing professional courses in India. The aim of the Scholarship program is to offer help to deserving students who have secured the admission on the basis of merit at premier colleges in India. Thirty percent of our total scholarships are reserved for women


• Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Gold Scholarships

• Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Silver Scholarships

• Sh. Anand Swarup Garg Scholarships

• Sh. Ram Lal Gupta Scholarships

• Smt. Shanti Devi Scholarships

• Sh. Ram Ji Lal Scholarships

The Scholarship is offered to students pursuing Engineering, MBBS, Pharmacy, IT, Architecture courses in Government or private Institutes in India.

"Thank you for providing me with this scholarship for my good academic record. This would really help me to buy books needed for further studies and exam preparations. I have taken part in robotic events in techkriti in the past and have also been involved in the organizing team of Antaragni."      

- Shitabh Gupta, IIT Kanpur


indian history & heritage contest for children

The foundation wants to promote Indian History and Heritage in USA among our younger generation.


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Vande Mataram Out Loud Recitation Contest was held on January 20, 2018 at Arya Samaj Greater Houston from 2 to 5 pm. We had more than 30 shortlisted children participated in the contest. They were divided in 3 age groups. The hall was packed with more than 100 adults. We had 4 judges judging the children on physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness and overall performance. The children did extremely well. Here are the results and the pictures of children who won the prizes.

The Foundation organised its first annual poster contest in May-July 2017 on Indian History & Heritage to create awareness about Indian Culture. The poster contest was divided in three age group; 4-5 years, 8-11 years and 12-15 years. The winners of the contest have been awarded prizes and certificates.

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