Helping the underprivileged


The scholarship program provides financial and other assistance to economically underprivileged students pursuing professional engineering and Medical courses in India. 


Our mission

The Swami Dayanand Charitable Education Foundation (SDCEF) is to help exceptionally talented but poor students in India to become engineers. The foundation awards scholarships to the students who have overcome the adversity of their family's circumstances to be among the top rankers in national level common entrance tests, based on which they have secured admissions to quality engineering colleges.

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Program Overview

There are 200 scholarships offered in various categories for the year 2016-17 and 30% of these scholarships are reserved for women applicants. Last date to apply for scholarship online is 25th Ocotber 2016. This year the scholarship program is opened to the students studying MBBS and Architecture in Govt. Colleges. Before filling the application form, please read carefully the instructions given in the website.

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Our Scholars

We select top ranking students from national and state level examinations for engineering and technology whose family incomes are unable to support a higher education. Once student hardships are verified by our facilitators, they join our family as SDCEF scholars. The foundation had provided scholarships to 114 students for the 2015-16. Many of them are children of farmers and daily wage workers.

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Swami Dayanand Charitable Education Foundation (SDCEF) is a registered non-profit organization in India and dedicated to supporting higher education for brilliant, deserving yet underprivileged students across India. SDCEF is set up to help and support the students who are pursuing Engineering courses in premier institutes of India. Many bright, hardworking and deserving students in India do not complete their education because of their poor economic background. Many of them are children of poor farmers and daily wage laborers who go to great lengths to provide their children basic education. The students themselves study in conditions which would not be acceptable in any developed country. They lack basic infrastructure like a table and chair sufficient books etc. In spite of these odds, they manage to qualify in the entrance exams for professional streams, but they back out due to lack of financial support. Every single life you impact has a ripple effect throughout the community. Help us make a difference today by donating what you can or volunteering your time. We are grateful for all the support we receive in serving the needs of countless brilliant young minds. Please join us in our mission and we would love to hear from you! Thank you!